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Update August 22 - 2010 Pro's or Con's "Cheat Your Way Thin - Weight Loss Program" By Health Experts

This health and weight loss program is designed by Joel Marion, the former Body for Life Champion.This is the diet program which helps him to beat more than 1,000 other fitness competitors in the competition. It is a complete fat and weight loss system that If your desire is to boost your body's fat burning, then it is the program for you, because after using the program and diet recommended in the book, it will transform your body to lose weight easily. As always, we provide you with the information and opinions of PRO and CON by health experts, it is up to you to see if the program is good for you. Please read information and carefully and consult with your doctor before applying.

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Cheat Your Way Thin - Diet Secret Or Diet Con?
By Graeme Teague Platinum Quality Author

One of the biggest markets on the internet is weight loss. Cheat Your Way Thin is a new diet secret reporting miraculous success at both rapid weight loss and long term weight loss. No doubt you've heard it all before...

Eat this, don't eat that, eat here, and don't eat there. Surely this is nothing new and just another way for you to part with more hard earned dollars only to find the weight stays on or comes back again after you stop. However, there is a difference and finally a diet regime has some sound facts, scientific results and physiological truths to back it up.

When you "diet" most methods tell you to reduce your calorie intake, why? Well to lose weight you need to burn off more calories than you eat. A simple concept and basically all diets are the same; it is just their own slant on it that differs.

Cheat Your Way Thin is completely different!

In fact you are told to use strategic cheating where you eat the foods you love and are told by every other diet to avoid. This may sound a bit strange but it is a physiological truth that will help accelerate your weight loss. I'll explain... Your body has various mechanisms to protect you in times of stress, one of those is the starvation switch. This means if you suddenly had no food to eat your body will slow its metabolism so you don't burn as much fuel.

In times gone by food wasn't always plentiful, so if you didn't eat you starved. So your body protected you by slowing down your metabolism so you wouldn't lose weight - as you need that weight to hunt for food and to give you strength. A fantastic mechanism back in those days when you were chased by lions and tigers, but today it isn't needed as food is always around.


When you diet and restrict your calories your body kicks this starvation switch into gear and our metabolism slows down. Sure you lose weight while on the diet because you are limiting your calories excessively. But when you stop and eat "normally" all the weight piles back on because your metabolism has nosed dived.

Cheat Your Way Thin by using strategic cheating fools your body into thinking it is eating more not less. This has two effects - first you don't go into starvation mode, secondly your body thinks food is plentiful and metabolism actually increases. Add in eating and exercising in certain time frames and you can boost your metabolism rates even higher. This makes weight loss easy and fast, best of all though it makes it a long term certainty.

This eating regime (I won't call it a diet as you don't eat less) is not a miracle though, it is based on sound science, physiological truths about how your body works and backed by many successes.

If you want to lose weight, especially in those stubborn areas few find easy to change then this is ideal, but you need to know the health warnings to find out if this is best for you. Don't jump into this method until you understand all about it at Cheat Your Way Thin Exposed we reveal all the truths about this new diet secret. Losing weight can be easy, here at Cheat Your Way Thin Exposed we uncover the real truth about this diet secret. To lose weight you must first understand the health warnings.

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Indulging In Foods That Most Other Dieters Can At Best Dream About

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